Rain of Fear release plans

The next expansion for Everquest, Rain of Fear is coming out on Wednesday, November 28.  Iratus Lepus plans to begin raiding the new expansion immediately.  Strategically we decided that in the closing weeks of Veil of Alaris; farming gear for our members puts us in a better position going into RoF than pushing through the one last event to unlock gear that would be ultimately obsolete within days.  Iratus Lepus will return for the Triune God at a later date.

See you all in Rain of Fear.

For the expansion release and holiday our raid schedule looks as follows:

  • December 1-2 raiding as usual.
  • December 3-4 group content to help straglers get to level 100.
  • December 8-11 regular 4 day raids.
  • December 15-18 regular 4 day raids.
  • December 22-23 raiding as usual.
  • December 24-25 holiday; no raid.
  • December 29-30 raiding as usual.
  • December 31-January 1 holiday; non-bkp, possible guild raid.