How to Join

Iratus Lepus – A serious raiding guild who prides ourselves on solid strats and excellent leadership. We strive to beat new content while keeping the game fun. Many of us have played for years & love the game. We like to play with others who excel at their classes, understand the mechanics of the game, and know how to focus during an event. If you are tired of doing the same old grind every week, or have learned that group content isn’t challenging enough, then it is probably time for a new home.  We can handle a lack of gear but we can’t fix a lack of skill.  If you have issues playing your character or are unsure asking is accepted FAILING is NOT an option  Come join us!

* General Recruiting – We have space for excellent players of certain classes (seeRequirements for a current list).  Arriving early generally ensures a spot in the raid. Occasionally, somebody will be directed to join the waiting list if room for a key class is needed.  This is not a punishment, it is a raid necessity.  

* Cross Server Transfers – If you are looking at us from another server, contact us in game before you transfer to Xegony.

*Discord — Iratus Lepus uses the Discord voice chat program for raids. This is a must have and you will be expected to log in on new raid events and when the raid leader requests.  You are not required to have a mic as speaking is not required, what is required is listening. A headset is probably desirable for most as Discord can get dicey at times and if you have small children or a significant other that might be offended it might be a wise choice.  

An incomplete application is unacceptable. All questions have to be answered. This shows us two things: 

1) That you cared enough to actually read the application.

2) That you know exactly how to follow directions.

Incomplete applications WILL BE DENIED! If you can’t be bothered to fill it out in it’s entirety, we can’t be bothered to read it.

Discreet Application – No need to leave your current guild to apply. Your interest in Iratus Lepus is kept in strict confidence until you accept an invitation to raid with us.

See the application process.

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If you need any additional information or have other concerns please contact  Dracolindus, Covennx,  or Moldar.