How to Join

Iratus Lepus is a current-content raiding guild that prides itself in solid strats and excellent leadership. We strive to beat new content while keeping the game fun. Many of us have played for years and love the game. We like to play with others who excel at their classes, understand the mechanics of the game, and know how to focus during an event.

If you are tired of doing the same old grind every week, or have learned that group content isn’t challenging enough, then it’s probably time for a new home. Come join us!

Cross Server Transfers

If you are looking at us from another server, contact us in-game before you transfer to Xegony. Please speak with any officer.

What is required?

To raid with us, you must:

  • Own the latest expansion.
  • Be max level for said expansion.
  • Have a complete, up-to-date Magelo profile
  • Be able to shrink, levitate, and invis yourself
  • Ability to follow raid emotes either using GINA (contact Drakah) or setup in-game audio triggers for all emotes for each raid event.
  • Have a Discord account, and be able to listen to verbal instructions during raids
  • Use a parser to measure your DPS/healing performance (If applicable to your class. We will work with you to get this set up as needed.)
  • Be prepared to attend 8-20 raid nights during your application period for evaluation purposes, and maintain at least 50% raid attendance as a full member
  • Have the minimum AA/gear requirements your class needs to function in raid content (speak with us if you are unsure)

If you fall short of any requirements, contact us for further discussion. You may be eligible to apply anyway, depending on class need or other special circumstances. When in doubt, remember: there’s no harm in asking. Please speak with any officer.

Submitting your application

An incomplete application is unacceptable. All questions have to be answered. Use complete sentences where appropriate. In addition to telling us a bit about you, your application will hopefully show us two things:

1) That you cared enough to put some thought into how you present yourself

2) That you can follow simple instructions

No need to leave your current guild to apply. Your interest in Iratus Lepus is kept in strict confidence until you accept an invitation to raid with us.

Accepted applicants will be tagged and processed (including granting you access to guild websites and verifying that you have completed everything listed above). Once processing is complete, applicants will begin raiding and earning DKP (currency to buy loot!) on the next available raid night.

Rejected applicants will be notified along with the details of the issues.

About your time as an Applicant

You will raid (and be evaluated) for 8-20 raid nights depending on performance and attendance. Your application phase is a time to learn our strats and procedures, along with how we operate.

Officers and other members of your class will be available to assist you and will be a resource for you if you have any questions.

A good attitude, patience, communication skills, and willingness to try suggested techniques are a must. We win or lose as a team.