Application Process

Once your application is accepted, you have been approved to raid with us on a trial basis. Most applicants will raid on a trial basis for approximately four weeks, though that time may be extended in cases of individuals who show promise, but who aren’t fully prepared by the end of that period. Extremely qualified applicants may have a shortened trial, while those who are not a good fit for IL may be cut during or at the end of their trial.

Your application phase is a time to learn our strats and procedures, along with how we operate. Officers and other members of your class will be available to assist you and will be a resource for you if you have any questions on any given raid.

An Incomplete application is not a good way to start so answer everything even if it is with an “I Don’t know,” an honest answer is better than no answer at all. At least we know what to work on from the beginning and you make yourself look better for being honest

Remember to ask questions early and often if you’re unsure about something!

You will be tagged an IL Applicant immediately. You will earn DKP while raiding with us, and you will be able to bid on loot, although full members will have priority over you. This will give you guild hall access and allow you to meet our members in guild chat. It also lets you use the Guild Banner to get to raid locations easily.

Expectations: 50% minimum raid attendance, as shown on our guild’s 60-day raid attendance tracker; good performance in your class’s area of expertise, as seen on various forms of parsing (DPS, healing, ability use). You will be expected to utilize a parsing software program, such as Gamparse, EQ Log Parser, or other – DPS classes will be expected to provide Parses to recruitment after each event. We know that some forms of utility are difficult to quantify on a parse — all will be taken into consideration.

A good attitude, patience, listen skills, and willingness to try suggested techniques are mandatory.

The voting process: There is a team of people that evaluate applicants. These people determine if you are a good fit and that you are meeting expectations.

New member details: The evaluators have a list of requirements that all members should meet. These include expected AAs, group flagging completion (as necessary), a satisfactory set of armor and augs, and a baseline of raid and group performance. Self sufficiency, including ability to invis, shrink, levitate, navigate maps, and create needed triggers to notify yourself of emotes on raids are all obligatory.

All classes receive a 500 point DKP bonus (our spendable currency) upon successfully completing our applicant process and being voted in as a full member.