Vanquisher of Griklor the Restless 
     Don't Cry30
     Stay Warm29
Vanquisher of Servant of the Sleeper 
     Eye of the Eye29
     Always Protected29
     Kill the Healer!33
Vanquisher of Restless Assault 
     Zero Command32
     Zero Tolerance32
     Zero Loss31
Vanquisher of Heart of Frozen Shadow 
     Now That's Cold38
     Indiscriminate Slayer31
     It's a No Slow from Me, Dog35
Vanquisher of Till Death Do Us Part 
     Bad Blood36
     Nice Day for a Dead Wedding34
     The Last Word35
Vanquisher of Tserrina Syl`Tor 
     Never Bitten34
     Low Down Bloodsuckers37
     Bad Luck37
Vanquisher of Seeking the Sorceror 
     A Little Help From My Friends32
     Don't Choke36
     Do Not Disturb32
Vanquisher of Animated Derakor 
     Don't Eat the Dead37
     No Golems33
     Nobody Called40
Vanquisher of Restless Avatar of War 
     Sacrifice is All36
     No Sacrifice41
     Bend the Knee34