About Us

Iratus Lepus is an end-game raiding guild on EverQuest’s Xegony server. We strive to beat new content while keeping the game fun. Many of us have played for years and love the game. We like to play with others who excel at their classes, understand the mechanics of the game, and know how to focus during an event. If you are tired of doing the same old grind every week, or have learned that group content isn’t challenging enough, then you may have come to the right place.

If you wish to join us, fill out the application and we will respond as soon as possible.

What is required to apply?

You must:

  • Own the latest expansion.
  • Be max level for said expansion.
  • Have a current Magelo profile set up and updated.
  • Have a way to shrink, levitate, and invis yourself.
  • Meet minimum AA/HP/gear requirements (speak with recruitment).
  • Have GINA downloaded, installed and set up from Drakah’s information.
  • Must attend 8-20 raid nights for evaluation (full members are expected to maintain at least 50% raid attendance).

*Cross Server Transfers – If you are looking at us from another server, contact us in game before you transfer to Xegony.

If you fall short of any requirements, send a tell for further discussion. You may be eligible to apply anyway, depending on class need. When in doubt, remember: there’s no harm in asking. Current contacts are (;tell xegony.) Raptor, Beltirabelkira, Mezmar, Mluian, Covennx, Dracolindus, Krippalzz or Oglok.

Current Recruiting Needs

High Priority
– Cleric
– Druid
– Shaman
– Bard

Normal Priority
– Warrior

Low Priority
– Beastlord
– Paladin
– Monk
– Berserker

Application Process

Submit an Application Here

Fill out all information. Incomplete applications will be deleted.

Your application will be voted on by the recruitment team. The outcome will be Applicant, Pre-Applicant, or Reject.

A member of the recruitment team will contact you within a week on the outcome of your vote.

Pre-Applicants will have the option to be tagged into Iratus Lepus as a social member. You will be given time to progress your character into application status.

Applicants will be tagged and processed. Once processing is complete, applicants will begin raiding and earning BKP on the next available raid night.

Rejections will be notified along with the details of the issues.

You will need to setup Gamparse, if applicable. All DPS classes are expected to report their own parse to recruitment for each event.

You will need to get our GINA triggers from Drakah. Without this, you may not be able to raid until you are 100% working. If you have triggers already, please archive these so they are not duplicated or manipulated by sending triggers to you.

We will be parsing the events as well, but the most accurate parse comes from the player themselves.

You will need to set up Discord. We use push-to-talk and it is required. You are not obligated to chat in Discord, but you must be able to listen.

Speak with any officer for permissions.

You must change your nickname on the server to your toon’s name.

You will raid (and be evaluated) for 8-20 raid nights depending on performance and attendance.

You will be put up for a vote. Outcomes are Full Member, Extend or Reject.

Full members earn a 500 BKP bonus unless the class is high priority, which earns 1000 BKP.

Extended applicants will be given a list of items to improve on. They will be expected to resolve the issues prior to the next vote.

Rejected applicants will be notified along with the details of the issues. If they have an FnF sponsor, they will be set to social.

About your time as an Applicant

Your application phase is a time to learn our strats and procedures, along with how we operate.

Officers and other members of your class will be available to assist you and will be a resource for you if you have any questions on any given raid.

A good attitude, some patience, and willingness to try suggested techniques are to your benefit. We win or lose as a team.

Applicants are expected to maintain 50%  Raid Attendance (this is measured on a 60 day period; those under 60 days are measured by their lifetime RA).

Remember to ask questions early and often if you’re unsure about something!

Current Raiding Schedule

Saturday 7 PM to 11 PM Eastern

Sunday 7 PM to 11 PM Eastern

* Sometimes Mondays will be called to finish targets (8 PM to 11 PM Eastern). We also may follow rolling lockouts during progression (8 PM to 11 PM Eastern).

** This schedule is subject to change based on numbers, target availability, and holidays.