Vanquisher of Fight Fire 
     Crowd Control39
     Leading a Charmed Life39
     Free Fire34
Vanquisher of Rise of Smoke 
     Rescue Rangers37
     Called to Task37
Vanquisher of General Reparm 
     Reign of Frogs40
Vanquisher of Prince Ralaifin 
     All in Its Place35
     All at Once35
     All on Their Own40
Vanquisher of Conflagration Generals 
     Stunning Performance!39
     Masters of the Dance41
     Bring Them Down Together38
Vanquisher of Moon Serf of Harmonious Heavens 
     Snake Charmer40
     Easy Breezy39
     Unbalanced Force41
Vanquisher of Palace Gates 
     Legend of the Phoenix38
     No Repercussions39
     Quadruple Indemnity40
Vanquisher of Unfettered Emerald Excellence 
     Poison Unproliferated49
     Color Coordinated51
     Impenetrable Defenses49