Vanquisher of Free the Goranga 
     Free the Goranga: Price of No Freedom18
     Free the Goranga: The Needs of a Few18
     Free the Goranga: In Their Time17
Vanquisher of Zelnithak 
     Zelnithak: Unreleased Power5
     Zelnithak: Unsharded13
     Zelnithak: In Bounds6
Vanquisher of Doomshade 
     Doomshade: All Togather Now16
     Doomshade: None Togather Now7
     Doomshade: Forced to Fade7
Vanquisher of Netherbian Swarm Commander 
     Netherbian Swarm Commander: Save the Innocent6
     Netherbian Swarm Commander: Infestation Free15
     Netherbian Swarm Commander: Each in Turn15
Vanquisher of Shei Vinitras 
     Shei Vinitras: Dance Like a Puppet14
     Shei Vinitras: Don't Cut the Strings6
     Shei Vinitras: Mending Ways15
Vanquisher of Aten Ha Ra 
     Aten Ha Ra: Calm the Stones5
     Aten Ha Ra: Merge Not12
     Aten Ha Ra: Unstomped6
Vanquisher of Oubliette of Light 
     Oubliette of Light: Graspless17
     Oubliette of Light: Complete Control15
     Oubliette of Light: Unchained16
Vanquisher of Primal Vampire 
     Primal Vampire: Feastless16
     Primal Vampire: No Ascent16
     Primal Vampire: Drought16
Vanquisher of Close the Gate 
     Close the Gate: No Moss17
     Close the Gate: Shadow Self17
     Close the Gate: Underwhelming Shadows18