I’m not good at this, and things like this are never easy to put into words but our family has suffered the loss of a friend, a mentor, and a pillar of our community. Dakthus passed due to liver cancer this past week.

He leaves behind his mark on both myself and all members of Iratus Lepus. Having known Dak for better part of a decade, I feel his loss both in game and out.

As a Member he was friend and mentor to many people who have come and gone through our doors.
As an Officer he brought both good will and even temperament to even the most trying of nights.
As a Friend, he helped me stay the course on nights of anger or frustration.

In this game we play we often forget that just on the other side of these pixels are living, breathing people. If it be inter-guild drama, trains, arguments over loot, coin, or NPC’s, Dak never seemed to forget the human aspect and he approached all with a maturity and wit that cannot be replicated or replaced.

You will be missed Brother…