Grummus Gored & Emollious Eviserated!

Grummus (from the raid in Plane of Health), and Emollious (from the raid in Crypt of Decay) were both destroyed giving us consecutive 1st time kills on the same night. Gratz Iratus Lepus! 2/1/2016

Akkapan Adan has been exterminated!

The Rat Man Raid Boss of 'Stem the Tide' in the Plane of Health is now road kill. Gratz Iratus Lepus on another 1st time kill in Everquest's latest expansion ~ The Broken Mirror! 1/31/2016

Iratus Lepus Defeats Wither & Decay!

Iratus Lepus did not dither from Wither nor give way to Decay. The destruction of the dark side twins continues to mark our progress as we move through the Everquest expansion: The Broken Mirror. Gratz IL on another ...
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