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Rules of Iratus Lepus

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    Rules of Iratus Lepus

    Welcome to Iratus Lepus!

    We are a raiding guild with a focus on end game progression. Although we are open to suggestions and comments, we do have a few primary rules and regulations that will make all of our lives much happier during raids, and help your Officers do their jobs better and more effiiciently.

    Your Officers are:
    Angriest Bunny - Raptor (Guild Leader)
    Website Admins - Drakah, Mluian, Treesmasha
    BKP (or DKP) Admin - Beltirabelkira, Mluian, Treesmasha
    General Officers - Krippalzz, Mezmar
    Recruitment - Treesmasha

    Please bring any complaints directly to an Officer. If the officer can't or won't help you, come to the Guild Leader. As always, rules are subject to leadership oversight, and we reserve the right to modify them dynamically in the guild's best interests.

    General Policies
    1. Account Sharing
      1. YOU are responsible as the toon's owner/master. KNOW who is logging you in...And what they are doing.
      2. We recommend you do not share your account with other folks, but if you choose to do this, you do it at your own risk. The guild will not reimburse you for items/toons lost sharing your account.
      3. IF the third party breaks the rules, we will contact them and ask them to stop. If they dont, it is possible that an officer will deguild your toon until such time as we can talk to you. You will likely get your tag back, (we are not heartless), BUT, you will be told what happened, and the officer will be able to provide logs or whatever, to demonstrate it.
    2. Anger Management
      1. If you get pissed off and need a break...TAKE ONE! DO NOT take it to guild chat and air out dirty laundry. If you need officer/leader assistance, send tells.
      2. You WILL be directed to stop by an officer and take it to tells. Failure to comply will see your guild chat privileges removed until you can cool it.
      3. If you cannot cool it and continue to publicly argue or become hostile towards members or officers, you will be fined. Continued escalation may lead to removal. Remember: this is a video game.
    3. Deguilding Yourself
      1. First offense: Officer vote required to issue reinvite, no fine
      2. Second offense: Officer vote required to issue reinvite, BKP wipe to 0
      3. Third offense: One week out of guild while guild votes you back in at 0 BKP (51%) approval needed
    4. Drama/Personal Attacks/Rules Lawyering
      1. Please do your best to edit yourself when talking in game -- all channels, guild chat included -- posting on boards, and/or usage of public channels in voice chat. Those who habitually cause drama for the guild may incur fines or be separated from the guild.
      2. Please remember we are all people, and while we encourage everyone to better themselves and their gaming ability, we do not tolerate abuse in the forms of personal or generalized attacks. We are a team, and as such, we win or lose as a team.
      3. No Rules Lawyering. Any attempt to gain an advantage over other members through rules lawyering, loop holes or other poor sportsmanship. Constant tattling or trying to get other members fined or in trouble also constitutes as rules lawyering. Leadership enforces the rules.
      4. 1st Offense - Warning (one of the officers will take you aside and privately ask you to control yourself. This will be your only warning)
      5. 2nd Offense - 1000 BKP Fine (self-explanatory. 1000 BKP will be removed from your earned BKP pool)
      6. 3rd Offense - 1 Week Raid Looting Privileges Revoked (you will not be able to win any raid items with IL for the next 4 normal raid days which you attend, Saturday - Tuesday or whatever point in time you fall when you committed the third offense). This will also include any open raids.
      7. 4th Offense - Guild Removal (you will be guild removed. Permission to re-app at some future date will be up to officer approval. All BKP will be forfeited and you will have to go through the normal app process.)
    5. Social Member Policy
      1. Each Member is allowed up to 5 social members
      2. Full Members who want to step away from raiding and play on a social basis only may do so. Their rank will be changed to SOCIAL member and the public note will indicate a retirment.
      3. If the Retiree has current Social members associated with them those social members will be allowed to stay in the guild as long as the retiree remains playing socially in the game. If said retiree were to quit (not logged in for over 60 days per the guild tool in game) all of the retiree's social members and alts would be dropped from the roster. A retiree may remain on the roster indefinitely.
      4. A retiree will lose access to the guild BKP site immediately and will be subject to BKP decay as outlined.
      5. If a member were to leave the guild for any reason, their social members would be dropped immediately.
      6. The current steps for disciplinary policy are:
        1. 1st Issue - An officer will speak to the Social member as a warning
        2. 2nd Issue - An officer will be more blunt that this is their last chance as well as speaking to the sponsoring member to inform them of the situation
        3. 3rd Issue - Guild removal of the Social member. Possible BKP fine to the sponsoring member (this will be decided upon a case by case basis).
    6. Chat Policies
      1. In order to keep the peace and have less confrontation there will be no discussion of Politics or Religion in Guild or Voice chat. These are hot button topics and do not need to be discussed in public forums.
      2. To keep the channels free of clutter parses will be posted in a separate area.
        1. Acceptable channels would be the ilparse channel or /ooc
      3. /Ignore is often times your friend
        1. It is NOT however ok to have your Guild Officers/Raid Leaders on ignore as they often times have things they need to pass along. Putting an officer on ignore could result in a fine/disciplinary action.
        2. By the same notion Guild Officers/Raid Leaders will not be putting Members on ignore.
    7. Guild Bank + Guild Supplied Items
      1. Guild Funds (Platinum)
        1. Purchasing items to add to guild tribute
        2. Purchasing spell reagents, IE, pearls, emeralds, rubies, etc.
        3. Purchasing trade skill items for master tradeskillers to convert into potions, poisons, food which are then to be distributed to other guild members.
        4. To assist with purchase of cultural raid armor combinations where appropriate (mains where appropriate).
      2. Guild Items (In game bank)
        1. To distribute potions, poisons, food, spell reagents to members.
        2. To receive and distribute trade skill items donated by members. Limit items to those needed for potions, poisons, and food which mains would want.
        3. To receive and distribute collection items. *** To limit space used, only the most recent expansion/tier released to be covered
      3. Guild Items NOT to put in the bank
        1. Items currently worth less than 10pp each in the bazaar.
        2. Hero's forge items. (Straight to the bazaar, if you see an officer loot one at a raid, send tell, that is the only time you get to request one).
        3. Old tradeskill items needed only for skilling up.
        4. Older tier or expansion collection items.
      4. The guild Officers reserve the right to refuse purchases deemed outlandish in price.
    8. Main Changes
      1. If you're interested in a main change, there are a few steps to this process. While we dont encourage lots of this, we do review things on a case-by-case basis, looking over several factors, some of which include:
        1. Meeting minimum requirements
        2. RA %
        3. The guilds need of the class you want to switch to
        4. Amount of loot taken by current main
        5. Performance of the toon desired to main change to.
      2. In order to apply for a main change, you must contact an officer. Have a Magelo for the toon ready.
      3. Once we have a Magelo and ensure you meet minimum member requirements, we will have the toon to which you wish to main change attend 2 raid weeks, at minimum, to assess your performance via parses, your knowledge of the toon, and any other factors that may come up.
      4. After your raiding assessment is done, the officers will vote to accept or deny the main change, case-by-case, based upon all factors involved at the time.
        1. If your main change is approved and it is to a *key class for our raids, we will waive a BKP adjustment.
        2. If your main change is approved and it is not to a *key class for our raids, we will not waive a BKP adjustment.
        3. *key class is defined as a current high need class for current recruiting requirements.
      5. If your main change is denied at the current time based upon the guild's class assessment, you can try reapplying for a change at another time when the class is more open to numbers.
      6. You may also continue to pursue the main change we may accept the change, but we will 0 your BKP.
      7. BKP penalty for Main Changing to a NON High need class will be at minimum half of your current BKP and may be more if the class is closed.
    9. Guild Hall/Real Estate
      1. Members are allowed to place the following items in the guild hall:
        1. Anchors
        2. Transportation Items
      2. Weapons, Mod Rods, Pets, etc. are to be placed on your own properties.
      3. Members can have more than one plot, however if you want to use plots for storage, please consider using the public lots so other members can have a guild plot for their trophies, etc.
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    Huhu`Arf by name, Huhu`Arf by reputation.

    Raiding an Iratus Lepus:

    Our Raid Days:
    Saturday: 7 PM - 11 PM EST
    Sunday: 7 PM - 11 PM EST


    We encourage you to attend as many raids as possible but do not require 100% RA. If you must take a leave from the game, we have short-term and long-term AFK sections for you to post to keep communication while you are away from the game.

    Do not be out XPing at raid times. Failure to be at raid will result in a BKP fine and/or your guild tag. Sometimes we go over our end time, in which case logs will still be taken, with additional BKP given for extended time.

    You MUST maintain a GOLD membership and have the latest expansion in order to raid... if you go to Silver (limited) membership you must fix it immediately or you will be moved to a retired status and fall under the retired member restrictions (including BKP decay).

    The Raid Leader has the discretion to remove anyone from a raid for any reason at any time. If you have a disagreement with that removal go to another officer, NOT the raid leader.

    We post targets on the MoTD available via /get. It is not uncommon for folks to ask in voice chat.

    Officers are the only persons allowed to open the loot crate or mob corpse. The loot is announced in Iratus-Lepus channel.

    It is your responsibility to contact members of your class to find out channels your class should be in other than Iratus-Lepus and join them.

    Raid Attendance

    Our attendance is calculated by taking all BKP shots that you were present for and to divide that by all BKP shots taken in that time period to make up your Raid Attendance Percentage. Each day that passes drops off or picks up BKP shots causing the raid attendance percentage to fluctuate daily. In our system only 3 types of shots are used... On Time, End of Night, and Hourly.
    • On Time = Being here on time at 7 PM.
    • End of Night (EoN) = When raids are finished and you are let go.
    • Hourly = Shots awarded for every hour on the hour.

    Attendance Requirements
    • All members are expected to maintain at least a 50% raid attendance (RA).
    • Those who are under that figure will have less access to bidding on loot.
    • Moves to retired shall be effective immediately upon request or upon reaching 90 day RA of 0%..
    • Exceptions for retirement shall be granted due to military deployment or serious medical reasons only as described below.
      • Retiring
        • Become retired at self request or when 90 day RA is 0%.
          • If member has not been in the guild for 6 months, your toon will be removed.
        • Retired members removed from the guild or who leave must re-apply.
        • All BKP will be zeroed-out.
        • To return to active full member:
          • When a Retired member wishes to regain "Full member status" they need to let the recruitment team know for processing back into forum / BKP / raid channel accesses.
          • Players will need to be maximum level before their return status begins.
          • Players must meet minimum standards established by leadership (HEM).
          • Must reach 50% 60 day Raid Attendance.
          • Will be evaluated and must be up to at least the same level as your peers (aka: not epic clicking, not participating in raids, failing emotes, general all around douch-baggery must be corrected).
            • This will be monitored by recruit and leadership.
            • Leadership will vote on approval or disapproval.
            • Members who get a washout status will be allowed to continue to raid to correct any deficiencies but not be allowed to bid in upper tier bidding no matter what their RA% until asked deficiencies are corrected.
          • During evaluation period, retiree earns BKP.
          • Returning members will be considered "Full members" for the purposes of bidding on Raid loot drops at their assigned 60 Day Raid attendance.
            • Ex: FM less than 50% are T2.
          • Will not regain any BKP that was zeroed-out.
      • Long Term AFK (LT AFK) - more than one month
        • Must be approved by a majority of officers.
        • Used for medical issues or military deployment.
        • Any approved medical LT AFK = exempt from being retired (for up to 6 months).
        • An approved military deployment LT AFK = exempt from being retired(for the duration of the deployment).
        • Player must enter LT AFK before the AFK begins. If you go missing in action and return from a LT AFK and find yourself retired with no BKP do not expect a refund of anything. It does not take long to send a PM or to post a forum topic.
      • Short Term AFK (ST AFK) - less than one month
        • Must be posted on the forum section for AFK.
        • Can be for any reason.
        • Allows you to ignore the first 30 days of RA at 0%.
        • No more than one ST AFK per 6 month period.

    Loot Priority
    • Based on membership status and 60 day RA.
    • Those in higher loot priority status automatically win at any bid value, over those bidding from a lower tier (example: Full Member over 50% RA bidding 100 BKP trumps Applicant bidding 1000 BKP).
    • Loot Tiers:
      T1 - FM 50% 60 day RA and above
      T2 - FM below 50% 60 day RA and APPS
      T3 - FM at T1 bidding for IL tagged alts and F&F
      T4 -
      Non-bidding tier used to /ran ROT loot to F&F and guests participating in the raid
    • You must have earned BKP in order to bid.
    • You cannot go negative in BKP.

    Alts on Raids (Raid Alts/Hydras)
    • Leadership may ask folks to play an alt during raid times to cover a particular needed class to progress a raid target.
      • Ex: Dakthus (Warrior) to Tarkkus (Shaman) for a splash heavy event.
    • Raid Alternates need to be specifically vetted by Leadership for competency and suitability in current target raid environments.
    • You are not obligated to switch toons.
    • When not specifically asked to play the Hydra in question it is no longer considered a "Raid Alternate"
    • Raiding Alternates will be tagged as such in the guild tool, Members wishing to add their alternate to the "Raid Alternate" list will need to talk to leadership and demonstrate competency on said character and be properly flagged, geared, and AA'd for current content to be considered for above program.
    • Raid Alternates currently will not be capable of bidding out of Tier going into the new expansion as the expansion progresses this will be reevaluated, Players on Raid Alternates will be paid an extra hourly PER ATTEMPT taken on said alternate​​​​​​
      • EXAMPLE: Between 7pm and 8pm Raptor plays a Shaman for 3 attempts at an event he recives 4x BKP shots, 1x for hourly and 1x per attempt
    • The Bunny Kill Point (BKP) system is based on time spent contributing to the guild to help in attaining goals. Members earn currency (BKP) for attending raids and spend that currency (BKP) to buy loot and spells.
    • In order to receive BKP, you are to be in the raid or appropriate waiting channel.
    • Unless you have specific permission from an officer to play a character other than your main, you will not receive BKP.
    • Social members cannot earn BKP.
      • Social members must have gear purchased for them by qualified full members.
    • If you miss out on a BKP shot, please post on the BKP section of the forums including the date/time and as much supporting information as you can and an officer will investigate.
    • Please do not attempt to contact an officer or BKP team member during our raids.
      • We will frequently check for missing BKP posts and check our logs to verify the missing BKP to be awarded.
    Bidding on an Item
    • Loot is distributed using open bids, like an auction.
      • Officers will divide up loot selling responsibilities and announce in Guild Chat which channel to join to bid on a specific item. Members are encouraged to have the channels on auto join prior to raid start.
      • Loot is auctioned in one of several in game channels as follows:
        • ilgear:unf - weapons, non-visible armor slots
        • ilarmor:unf = visible armor slots
        • ilspells:unf = spells
    • If you wish to bid on an item, you must join the appropriate channel designated.
      • Channel should remain silent until the officer running the channel states "BID NOW".
      • Officers use a randomly selected random timer to sell loot such that raiders will not know exactly when the bids will close.
      • Timers are expected to be in a range from 1 minute to 3 minutes long.
      • The officer announces "BIDS CLOSED" at which time no more bids may be made.
      • The officer selects the highest bidder in the highest tier and announces the winner.
        • The officer's screen is always used to determine if bids were before or after closed, since lag can affect how it appears to different folks.
    • Please know your Membership Tier, and BKP available.
    "Raid Alternates" are suspended till further notice, any person asked to play an hydra to beat a raid will be paid an extra hourly BKP per attempt taken on said hydra to be used in the above bid scheme.
    • When bidding, your first bid should include your tier and bid. Subsequent bids may be limited to include only the bid amount.
    • Example: Raptor: T1 100
    • Mluian: T1 200
    • Raptor: 300
    • Mluian: 400
    • Bids must be in 100 point jumps minimum. But anything higher than 100 must be divisible by 100.
    • You may not bid more BKP than you have available.
    • No one is allowed to go negative with BKP.
    • If the raid is full you do not need to be in the raid to bid on loot, however, you must have been online at the start of an event to be eligible to bid.
    • Any character that has loot bought for them by a member must be in guild prior to the beginning of raids. If loot is bought for someone outside of the guild they will not receive that loot and it will go to the next highest bidder.
    • Anyone bidding for an Alt, Raid alt, or social member must be a Full Member and have 50% 60 day RA or higher.
    • Format = Tier Status + BKP bid
      • If you are bidding at a lower loot tier (and someone in a higher loot tier bids) you should stop bidding since your bids will not be able to win and will be ignored.
      • Any abuse of BKP bidding will be subject to disciplinary action.
      • Officers doing bids will do their best to oversee and acknowledge invalid bids responding in channel.
      • Please be accurate and aware that multiple officers will be bidding multiple items at one time, and you are able to join and bid on as many items as you choose.
        • It is YOUR responsibility to know your Tier and BKP. Attempting to misrepresent either will lead to disciplinary action.
          • Example: if you're bidding on 2 items at once and you have 5000BKP, you can't over spend the total amount on the 2 items beyond what you have. If you bid on the 1st item at 200BKP, you'll only have 4800BKP left to bid on the 2nd item.
    • Bid Retractions:
      • Bids on items will be allowed to be retracted upon officer approval.
        • This does NOT APPLY to spells.
      • If you are bidding high intentionally and then retracting your bid for any reason, expect to NOT BE ALLOWED to retract your bid and to win the item at the value you bid.
    • No chatting in bid channels. No grats, no chat at all as it can lead to somebody missing start of bidding or thinking they won when they havent.
      • Bid related topics are permitted, such as "has bidding started" and "what is high bid" are allowed.

    When to Loot
    • When CLOSED is announced, the officer will take a moment to verify the winner.
    • DO NOT LOOT an item until it has been officially awarded to you in the Guild channel by an officer or raid leader.
    • At this point, you will be charged the BKP value you spent on the item, and you are free to loot your item. Congratz!!!

    Mis-looting Items
    • Any person who mis-loots will be charged a 500 BKP fine plus the cost of the item they looted.
    • Cost of the item looted will be determined by the value the item was last won for.
      • Example 1: Mis-looted spell was awarded for 500 BKP to Dakthus, but Raptor looted it. Raptor receives a 1000 BKP fine.
      • Example 2: Raptor mis-loots a spell when getting in the chest before it was bid. Officers look up the value it last sold for on the BKP site. It went for 1000 BKP last event. Raptor receives a 1500 BKP fine.

    AFK During Raid Time
    • If you leave your toon online, we encourage you to use the /AFK and leave a message.
    • DO NOT /AFK in an xp zone. If you are online, we expect you at raid.
    • DO NOT stay in the raid AFK if you will not be back in time to engage the target.
      • Let the raid leader know that you need to AFK if you think it may be more than a moment or 2.
      • If you are frequently AFK or abuse this process, you may be subject to disciplinary action.

    The Waiting List
    • On those occasions when the guild has more players online and ready to raid than a 54 toon raid can accommodate, the raid leaders have discretion on who joins the raid and who joins the wating list in order to ensure that the guild has the best chance of success on any given event.
    • Join the designated Waiting Channel (if any) which will be posted in the MOTD (/get).
      • Please note that raid leaders use this channel as a list of people that are outside the raid.
    • The wait channel will occasionally and randomly change. It will be announced in the MoTD and it is YOUR responsibility to make the switch.
    • If the RL sends a tell or request in the wait channel and you dont respond within 30 seconds you will be dropped from the wait list and get NO BKP until you contact an officer and the raid leader.
    • If you go AFK to go the bathroom or get a drink, put that note or information in the AFK flag.
    • Social members shall not join the waiting list. This is for full members and applicants only.

    Open Raids
    • Any of our current raid targets are off limits for off night playing with friends. We need everyone readily available when these targets are called.
      • If you have a lockout for these targets, you WILL be subject to no BKP for said target, and/or a BKP fine.
    • Anyone within the guild may run an open raid. We ask that you contact an officer to post time/day in the MotD with as much advance notice as possible to ensure that anyone who wishes to attend has time to see this.
    • Please post in the IL members section of forum for further communication.
    • Open raid leaders may choose to add additional rules to the raids they run, but these rules must be stated prior to the raid starting, and anyone joining or choosing to join the raid must also be informed of the rules when they are inquiring to join the raid.
    • We ask that if you do choose to add additional rules, please try to keep them simple, easily understood, fair, and applicable to all, to ensure no discrimination.
    • Check with an officer on what are considered current raid targets.
    Anonymous and Hacks/Exploits
    • IL members and their alts are not permitted to be ANONYMOUS at any time, unless specifically requested to do so by an officer.
      • ROLEPLAY is acceptable outside of raids.
    • IL members and their alts are not permitted to use hacks such as MQ or other exploits on our RAIDS and during RAID TIMES such that a GM would ban your account should it be observed. Doing so puts the guild's reputation on the line.
      • Outside of guild RAIDS and RAID TIMES if you choose to use any hacks like MQ or other exploits you take your account into your own hands.
    • Any member caught doing one of these actions will be risking immediate guild removal.

    Mandatory Items for Raids
    • All Members and Applicants are expected to have methods of: Invis, Gate, Shrink, Lev

    Raid Strategy
    • The Raid Leader will go over all new and current content events via the Guild channel (and/or in voice chat), but a basic understanding of each event will save a lot of time and headaches, not only for yourself, but also for your team and your leadership.
    • Raid strategies are posted in the forums. Ideas or collaboration is welcome there.
      • If your ideas are not implemented or used, do not get upset,
    • Do not vocalize ideas during raid events. Wait until the event has finished and bring up your ideas then.
    • Follow directions, even if you do not agree with them or it hurts your parse. Your 300k extra damage is meaningless if following directions allowed 5 people the ability to do 500k damage each.

    Performance Policy
    • Leadership will be evaluating individuals constantly, dispensing advice on how to improve your performance. It is important you take this information as advice and NOT as an attack on your game play style.
    • You are always being parsed (announced or not). Everybody is encouraged to run their own parser in order to accurately compare their own performance to what others record.
    • Members or applicants not performing similarly to their peers will be spoken to and expected to improve.
      • If improvement is not seen, fines or guild removal may result.
    • It should also be noted that members performing on the low end will also see increased time spent in waiting.
    • Typically the following template will be applied to those who do not perform at an acceptable level:
      • Level 1: You will be "Spoken to" a minimum of (three) times by an appropriate leadership member to encourage you to improve.
      • Level 2: You will be required to prove yourself and pulled into the Officer chat to discuss what is expected of you during this time.
        • Using data parsed from logs your performance will be evaluated and you must be within 70% of your best performing peer.
          • Criteria may include DPS performed, number of spells cast, appropriate AA/discs used, agro picked up on time, etc.
        • Members are welcome to provide their own parse or logs on fights so they can be reviewed, otherwise ours will be used.
        • During this eval period the member will earn BKP normally but will have their loot buying category reduced to the applicant level.
      • Level 3: Failing level 2 will result in the member being reset to applicant status. You will then be given the standard application period to re-establish your fit for IL.
        • The same members voting on new applicants will vote and determine your fate.

    Emotes & Fines
    • Fines will be entered when folks continually do something which negatively impacts the raid. Most fine-able offenses will be announced prior to the event or that phase of the event.
    • The may include:
      • You fail an emote or action causing us to miss an achievement that we are specifically focusing on (forcing us to redo the entire event).
        • Example = You fail to run into the hallway during the Queen event (to avoid the doom light) when we're specifically going for that achievement.
        • Example = You run out into the ooze during the Dragon event when we're specifically going for that achievement.
      • You fail to follow an emote which wipes the raid.
      • You break mez.
    • Repeated emote fails by the same person will result in increased repercussions.
      • Warning
      • 250 BKP
      • 500 BKP
      • Officer Discussion Pending Raid Removal
    • Failure to perform an emote/mechanic which wipes the raid may end up incurring harsher fines.
    • Applicants will be exempt from BKP fines; however, repeated emote failures may warrant raid removal, failure to make full member, or guild removal.
    • If you have a poor connection or you are experiencing a high amount of game lag, it is YOUR responsibility to inform the raid leader and drop the raid (preferably before the event starts).
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    Huhu`Arf by name, Huhu`Arf by reputation.