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Drakah - The Broken Mirror UI Updates

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    Drakah - The Broken Mirror UI Updates

    I have decided to go ahead and make the necessary updates for all of the interfaces for the upcoming expansion of "The Broken Mirror".

    These files are only available at until the day before the expansion goes live.

    This is mainly for those who are on the beta server but you can update this to the Live server. The only difference is you would temporarily loose the option to access the Mount tab in your inventory window until the expansion is available, since it is now featured in the Key Rings window.

    I will be checking for any updates needed between now and launch day.

    PLEASE be sure to do a CLEAN installation of any UI due to deleting XML files that are no longer needed or would cause a problem in compatibility. (ie: I deleted 2 files from Default _Old)

    Brian K. Haines (Drakah) /