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ToV raid achievements

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    ToV raid achievements

    Post here what ToV raid achievements you are missing.
    Having them all done boosts your Luminous Restless Ice aug to full.

    We are planning on doing ToV raids for achievements the weekend of August 21/22

    I have:
    Conqueror of Kael Drakkel
    Sacrifice is All
    No Golems
    Don't Eat the Dead

    Conqueror of The Great Divide
    Zero Command

    Need everything else + the drop for earring.
    Huhu`Arf by name, Huhu`Arf by reputation.


      I Need:
      Conqueror of Tower of Frozen Shadow
      Its a no slow from me, Dog
      Vanquisher of Restless Avatar of War
      No Sacrifice


        I need all ToFS, AoW events + Raid piece for ear.


        Don't Cry (Griklor)
        Always Protected (Sleeper)
        Kill the Healer (Sleeper)
        Don't Choke (Velks)
        Do Not Disturb (Velks)
        Don't Eat the Dead Derakor)
        Nobody Called (Derakor)


          Griklor - Don't Cry
          Servant of the Sleeper - Base Raid
          Servant of the Sleeper - Eye of the Eye
          Servant of the Sleeper - Always Protected
          Servant of the Sleeper - Kill the Healer!
          Restless Assault - Zero Loss
          ToFS - Heart of Frozen Shadows - Indiscriminate Slayer
          ToFS - Heart of Frozen Shadows - It's a No Slow from me, Dog
          ToFS - Tserrina Syl'Tor - Bad Luck
          Velks - Base Raid
          Velks - A Little Help from My Friends
          Velks - Don't Choke
          Velks - Do Not Disturb
          KD - Derakor - Don't Eat the Dead
          KD - Derakor - Nobody Called

          KD - Earring Drop - atm, evolving earring to Totality of War step, completed Tactical Observations

          As an aside: could we just add a tab to the spreadsheet & put down all the cheese and people mark what they need?


            I am missing 1 raid achievement for tov.
            Vanquisher of teserrina syl'tor
            -low down blood suckers


              I Need All But:

              -Grounded - HAVE
              -Conqueror of the Great Divide - HAVE
              -Zero Command - HAVE
              -Don't Eat the dead - HAVE
              -No Golems - HAVE


                Low down blood suckers. That is all.


                  tov i think bad luck is only one i'm missing from there


                    I need the following achievements from the current expansion:

                    Tantor: Clear Them Out
                    Sontalak: We didn't light on fire
                    Aaryonar: No Orbital Explosion
                    Zlandicar: Here be Dragons
                    Defenders of the Tomb: Three at a Time
                    Defenders of the Tomb: Drake Preservation
                    Amalgum Artbiter: Crush Crush
                    Vulek: Maximum Boom


                      Bad Luck!


                        I'm missing a lot of these, actually, I haven't done most of the ToV raids.

                        Here's what I'm missing:
                        Griklor the Restless (all)
                        Servant of the Sleeper (all)
                        ToFS (all)
                        Velks (all)

                        Restless Assault (GD):
                        Zero Tolerance
                        Zero Loss

                        Kael Drakkel:
                        Nobody Called (Vindi)
                        No Sacrifice (AoW)
                        Bend the Knee (AoW)


                          i'm missing these, gnome is too short to get them !!!

                          it's a no slow from me, dog

                          low down blood suckers
                          bad luck

                          dont choke

                          nobody called

                          no sacrifice
                          bend the knee


                            I need;
                            Vanquisher of Heart of Frozen Shadows
                            It's no slow from me, Dog

                            Vanquisher of Till Death do us part
                            Bad Blood

                            Vanquisher of Tserrina Syl Tor
                            Bad Luck

                            Vanquisher of Animated Derakor
                            No Golems