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Saturday 2pm est - Omm Rez stick raid for sham/druid/pally/clerics that need.

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    Saturday 2pm est - Omm Rez stick raid for sham/druid/pally/clerics that need.

    Hey folks, I'll be hosting a Omm flagging and actual raid to get anybody's mains or alts flagged to buy the Rez stick. Main shaman who need it especially should be there or have someone log you in for credit.

    If by chance the Rez stick actually drops off vox (pretty rare in my experience) priority will go to raiding il sham/druids.

    All looted drops otherwise can be sold to the vendor for 3 brews a piece (12 free brews total). These will be given to the collectively decided person that is closest to be finished off with their 63 brews needed to buy it (again, shaman/druid mains get priority).

    Huge plus if a toon you bring to help has the AoN (Skelly illusion), illusion keyring feature, and Jann mask from tbl (must have all 3 to be a plus) as you can exploit it to get the Jann buff within the mm and make yourself invulnerable to dmg. I have a toon that can so I should be able to solo the actual Omm raids but all help is welcome regardless.

    Tiny chance a couple instant cast pet shrink earrings will drop in tower of discord raid we will be doing first, this can be randomed by whatever alts/mains want it who come along.

    Remember to play /overseer everyday and select overseer tedacterums (massive sp on that - the overseer currency as opposed to collections, tradeskill components, etc) so you can buy the brews off of the overseer merchant in pok to actually be able to purchase the Rez stick after being flagged to buy it. Each brew = 1900 overseer currency iirc.

    Tell your friends to be there that need it, I want all raiding shaman (and clerics pallies although less useful to them) to have a Rez stick, it's literally a game changer for raids and even group content. I think only shaman that I didn't send a tell to yet is Jorand so someone please reach out. I can run these each weekend or whatever day works for people in the future for free currency and chance at actual stick dropping.

    Thanks and see you there!