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How to prepare for Beta

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  • How to prepare for Beta

    How to install EverQuest Beta

    Copy your character over to the Beta server:
    • Log in to your character on your live server and then type the /beta command.
    • Characters flagged for beta will be copied periodically (typically every morning).
    • If you already have your toon on beta and you use the /beta command on the Live server a second time (or more), it will copy your character again, but it will only sync the AA/Achievements. If you want to have a clean copy, you would need to delete your beta character first before running the /beta command again.

    To patch and get into the Beta servers:
    After Beta has been patched, do not login just yet, continue on...

    Use your character live server files for Beta:

    Once you have EverQuest Beta installed correctly and patched, copy over some files from the EverQuest (live) folder to your newly created EverQuest Beta folder so you donít lose all of your custom settings.

    EverQuest folder location:
    • eqclient.ini
    • UI_Yourname_server.ini
    • Yourname_server.ini

      EverQuest\userdata folder location:
    • AT_default_Yourname_server.ini
    Copy To and Rename:

    EverQuest Beta folder location:
    • eqclient.ini
    • UI_Yourname_beta.ini
    • Yourname_beta.ini

      EverQuest Beta\userdata folder location:
    • AT_default_Yourname_beta.ini

    GINA Update:
    If you use GINA, you will need to make another User profile and point it to the Beta folder location for GINA to work, using the eqlog_Yourname_beta.txt file in the EverQuest Beta\Logs folder.

    Run the EverQuest Beta launcher and login.
    You should now have all of your settings from Live on Beta now.
    If you donít, then you missed something.

    Other Important Information:
    • Beta installs into a separate folder that takes about the same space as your live game version.
    • The Beta server may not be accessible at all times, as patching occurs when it is necessary.
    • The Beta server is wiped periodically, meaning beta characters may be deleted with or without notice.

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    Make sure you have your items that you need on your person or in your bank when doing the copy, items will not transfer from your houses.
    You want to do /beta BEFORE pre orders.
    You want to do the Beta Launcher install BEFORE pre orders
    You want to pre order as soon as its available
    Make sure you copy your settings over
    If not make sure your character is play ready by the first night


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        BUMP to pre-prepare for the Beta launch.

        Here is what I did this time, seemed a little quicker...took about 5 minutes...however the info I gave above works just fine too.
        Don't forget to create the GINA toon for beta! This is YOUR responsibility to have that working prior to raiding.

        1) I copied my Everquest Folder and named it EverQuest Beta.
        2) I copied and renamed 2 files from the Everquest directory with "beta" instead of "xegony".
        • UI_Yourname_beta.ini (this is your UI setup)
        • Yourname_beta.ini (this is your hotkey stuff)

        3) I copied and renamed 1 file from the Everquest\userdata directory with "beta" instead of "xegony"
        4) I edited the "Launchpad.ini" file and added the "environment=beta" tag so the launchpad knows what to load:

        width=915 and close.

        5) Run the LaunchPad.exe from within the EverQuest Beta folder and patched.
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            If you still have beta on your hard drive from last year, is it best to delete it & then install beta using the directions above?



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              Never mind. I deleted the old beta & followed the instructions above.



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                Beta maps?


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         for maps. You will need to be logged into the EQ forums.
                  Huhu`Arf by name, Huhu`Arf by reputation.


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                    The forum isn't working atm