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Targeting from the ETW Window

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  • Targeting from the ETW Window

    Under Options - Keys - Targets - you can assign each ETW position to a specific Keypress (or Alternate Keypress). But sometimes the ETW keys, called "Target Extended Target" do not show up on that options page. Or some days they are there, and others they are just missing.

    This bug / feature depends on where your character logged into EQ that day. If you're in the GGH, then you won't see these ETW keys, even if you zone out, etc. But if you log into the game in the guild lobby, you will see them.

    If you cannot see the "Target Extended Target" slot numbers, then move out of the GGH, log out, and come back into EQ. That should make them appear. At least it does for me.

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    You could take it a step farther and add a keybinding for heal or multibind strait into the target on extended target or make a key of /xtar 10 /cast 1 or whatever. I find that /xtar keys really speed things up.


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      That's absolutely correct. Multibinding the same key to the ETW and to several heals works fantastically well. And it is the better path to choose for a faster system response, and for immediately accessing a sequence of heal spells. I use hot button pages for the spell icons and multibind those to the same ETW keybind.

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