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IL Loot Bid System

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  • IL Loot Bid System

    Iratus Lepus loot is distributed using open bids, like an auction. Members earn currency (BKP) for attending raids and spend that currency (BKP) to buy loot and spells. Access to loot is broken up into 3 tiers where a top tier bidder only needs to beat other top tier bidders to win loot. A mid tier bidder needs to beat other mid tier bidders to win but is immediately disqualified from winning if a top tier bidder should bid. Low tier bids against others in low tier and are disqualified if a top or mid tier bid is placed. If the raid is full you do not need to be in the raid to bid on loot, however, you must have been online at the start of an event to be eligible to bid.

    When we get rot loot items nobody wishes to pay for there is no set policy on what is done with the items. Sometimes those specific items are announced as FFA or free for all. This generally means mains may loot those items immediately and in a minute or two if it is still available any alts may loot them. Please don't be greedy. Other times rot loot might be awarded to the highest /random or just looted to be used for guild tribute.

    Anyone bidding for an Alt, Raid alt, or social member must have 50% 60 day ra or higher.
    • Top tier = Full members with 50% or higher 60 day raid attendance. Item must be for use on their main.
    • Mid tier = Full members with 20% or higher 60 day raid attendance, applicants without regard to raid attendance, raid approved alts(officer approval required to be raid approved, covered elsewhere in rules and regulations). Item must be for use on their main or raid alt.
    • Low tier = This is the "rot loot" category. It means no raider wants the item. Any eligible raider may buy the gear to give to an alt, give to another member/alt, to sell back to a NPC for currency, to use for tribute. Any character that has loot bought for them by a member must be in guild prior to the beginning of raids. If loot is bought for someone outside of the guild they will not receive that loot and it will go to the next highest bidder.
    The process goes as follows.
    1. A raid is won and an officer opens the loot crate or mob corpse. The loot is announced in iratuslepus channel.
    2. Officers divide up loot selling responsibilities and announce in iratuslepus channel a different channel to join to bid on each specific loot. Each officer has picked a standard channel they will ALWAYS use when they are running bids for loot. We suggest members autojoin each officers channel and put each channel in a separate window and keep those chat windows minimized except during loot. Example mluian uses the channel mluian:mluian for every loot he handles.
    3. Raiders interested in bidding join the corresponding channel to the loot they want to win or unminimize that channel. They then remain silent until the officer running the channel states "BID NOW".
    4. Officers use a randomly selected random timer to sell loot such that raiders will not know exactly when the bids will close. Timers are expected to be in a range from 1 minute to 3 minutes long.
    5. Raiders place their bid in the format of [RANK] [60 day raid attendance] [bid amount] [special]. Bids must be in hundreds or are invalid. Raiders may up their bid if they get out bid with an increase of hundreds. The special in the format is for use when the loot isn't a bid for your main to equip, possible special category are [raid alt], [alt], [social or f&f], [sell back or crush], [tribute], etc.
    6. The officer announces "BIDS CLOSED" at which time no more bids may be made. The officer selects the highest bidder in the highest tier and announces the winner. Some officers will confirm top bidder in their channel before officially announcing the winner. The item should not be looted until the winner has been announced in iratus-lepus channel. When chat channels are experiencing lag it is possible that your bid is before closed on your screen but your bid is after closed on the officers screen. The officer's screen is always used to determine if bids were before or after closed.

    • Please no chatting in bid channels. No grats, no chat at all as it can lead to somebody missing start of bidding or thinking they won when they havn't. However, bid related topics are permitted like "has bidding started" and "what is high bid" will be allowed.
    • Do not bid more bkp than you own and do not misrepresent your RA. There is a fine for spending more bkp than you currently have.
    • Do not loot until you have seen the item announced in iratuslepus that you are the winner. Looting before you are announced the winner (if your infact not the winner) or looting the wrong item will earn you a fine.
    • If your bid tier is disqualified due to bids in a higher tier immediately stop bidding.
    • Do not offer grats to somebody until the winner has been announced in iratuslepus channel. There is always the chance somebody over bid or mis-stated their RA. This may confuse somebody else and cause them to loot before the item is awarded.
    • A full member who is normally in the top loot tier who wants an item to sell back for currency (when the expansion allows such) must specify they are buying it to sell it back or crush it. We give loot priority to raiders who will equip an item before raiders who want to convert it to something else.
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