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EoK Emote Fines Update

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  • EoK Emote Fines Update

    EoK Emotes & Fines UPDATE

    All of EoK has been on farm status for our guild for a number of months. At this point, there really should be no emote fails for any of this content. The officers have decided that there will be 3 main items (or emote fails) which will generate a BKP fine in EoK. (Obviously, we do reserve the right to award fines in other areas if needed at the discretion of the officers online for blatant issues.)

    1. You fail an emote or action causing us to miss an achievement that we are specifically focusing on (forcing us to redo the entire event).

    Example = You fail to run into the hallway during the Queen event (to avoid the doom light) when we're specifically going for that achievement.

    Example = You run out into the ooze during the Dragon event when we're specifically going for that achievement.

    2. You fail to run to the south room during the Reaper event.

    3. You fail to run west away from the main raid during the last event in T3.

    The initial fine amount will be 100 BKP. Repeated emote fails by the same person (within a 30 day time period) will result in an increased fine amount (up to a maximum of 500 BKP).

    1st fail = 100 BKP
    2nd fail = 200 BKP
    3rd fail = 300 BKP
    4th fail = 400 BKP
    5th fail = 500 BKP
    6th & subsequent fails = 500 BKP
    The fine amount resets back to the starting amount of 100 BKP on the 30 day mark.

    Applicants will be exempt from BKP fines; however, repeated emote failures may warrant a guild removal (or failure to make full member).

    If you have a poor connection or you are experiencing a high amount of game lag, it is YOUR responsibility to inform the raid leader and drop the raid (preferably before the event starts).