If you would like to apply then fill in the form under App Submission, and follow it up with an in game tell to Tarkkus. We welcome all inquiries if you need any additional information or have other concerns, as well.

Applicants must be level 105. We expect apps to have a minimum of 8000 AAs at the time of application(more for some classes), although this might be relaxed on a case by case basis.  Applicants with AA counts below the expected threshold but who have high playtime may be allowed to app with the understanding that they will  have to meet expectations BEFORE they are promoted to full member status.  (you will remain in applicant status until someone approves your type and number of aa’s with a max of 45 days to achieve the required number set by the guild)


High Priority

  • Cleric (3)
  • Enchanter (2)
  • Shaman (3)
  • Beastlord (2)
  • Bard (4)
  • Warrior (2)

Normal Priority

  • Necromancer (1)
  • Paladin (1)
  • Berserker (1)
  • Druid (2)
  • Mage (1)
  • Rogue (1)

Low Priority

  • Wizard (1)
  • Monk (1)
  • Shadowknight (1)
  • Ranger (1)

Closed Classes

Exceptional Applicants ONLY

Talk to any officer or Recruitment Team


The following achievements are required for full member status, but not necessarily in order to app:

  • Owning the latest expansion.
  • Being the maximum level.
  • You must have a minimum of 70k unbuffed hp additionally tanks will require 8000 ac unbuffed
  • Being listed on Magelo, with current gear and as a member of Iratus Lepus.
  • Possessing an assortment of clickies. MUST have a method to shrink and to invis.
  • Having at least 50% raid attendance in the last 30 days as shown by our BKP system.
  • Maintaining 25% raid attendance over the last 60 days, in perpetuity, in order to remain on our roster. Those providing valid notice of long-term away (6 Months or less)from game status will be excepted (subject to officer approval).
  • Having the minimum AA required at the time you applied (Varies by class contact a Recruiter or Officer).

If you fall short of any requirements, send a tell for further discussion. You may be eligible to apply anyway, depending on class need. When in doubt, remember: there’s no harm in asking. :)

Updated:  24 Oct, 2014